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We know that your dog is one of the most important members of your family and whilst most owners would love to oversee their dogs exercise and training regimes, due to work and social commitments you cannot always be at their beck and call.  This is where we can help, our philosophy is to treat every dog as if it was our own and because of this you can be guaranteed that your dog will be very well looked after and also have the very best of times whilst with us.


We understand that every dog's needs are different and therefore our services can be tailored to suit you and your dog’s lifestyle.


Group Dog Walking – from £10 per hour


Your dog will be collected from your home and taken with other dogs to a local reservoir or field, where they can spend their time playing, interacting and training with other dogs.  With your permission we can exercise your dog off the lead.  Your dog will then be hosed and towelled down and returned back home tired and content.  Group dog walks are great for socialising your dog and we ensure beforehand that your dog is comfortable with the pack it is in.  Group walking is also great for puppies who get to learn from the older dogs.


Solo Dog Walking - from £12 per hour


We understand, in some instances, dogs require more 1 to 1 time; it may be that they have training needs or they are not good in the company of other dogs, we therefore provide our solo service which means your dog has our undivided attention whilst on its walk.


Dog Day Care - £14 per day


Your dog will be cared for in our home along with one or two other dogs.  We will either collect your dog from your home or you can drop your dog off at a time to suit.  Your dog will join a group walk for an hour and then can enjoy interactive play with the other dogs for the rest of the day and a short walk at the end of the stay.  Dog day care provides up to 10 hours of care.


Dog Boarding - from £18 per night


Home from home dog boarding is the only real alternative to kennels and you can be sure that your dog will enjoy his/her stay with us.  Your dog will be welcomed into our family and with no other guest dogs staying you can have peace of mind that your dog will be lovingly cared for with plenty of walks and plenty of playtime whilst on his/her stay.


Puppy Packages - from £10 per hour (only available from when puppy is at the end of his/her vaccination period)


We will collect your puppy from your home and provide 30 mins quiet walk with other specially chosen dogs, once back home we will provide 20 minutes fun basic command training  then feed, ensure enough water and then 5 mins quiet time with plenty of cuddles.


Pet Sitting  -from  £6 per 30 mins








Pet Sitting - from £6 per 30 mins


















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